How To Start A Permaculture Garden (A Realistic Approach)

Vegetables From Permaculture Garden

Are you looking for a simple yet realistic way to start a Permaculture Garden with limited space and resources? Then, this guide is for you. In recent years, gardening has been virtually romanticized, with enthusiasts eager to showcase their projects on various social media platforms. Unfortunately, these postings seldom tell the whole story, omitting the … Read more

10 Uncommon Ways To Use Vinegar In The Home And Garden 

Vinegar is a solution of dilute acetic acid, which may contain various flavors, and organic compounds based on the source ingredients and the degree of processing. It is made from a dual fermentation process resulting in a mixture of 5 to 20% acetic acid by volume. It is highly valued for its numerous culinary, medicinal, … Read more

What Is Permaculture Farming? A Detailed Introduction

Permaculture Farming is a symbiotic approach to food production which encourages the efficient use of available resources. It aims to produce a diversity of products with a limited or positive impact on the environment and community. The concept of Permaculture was officially introduced by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the 1970s, advocating permanent agriculture … Read more

How To Make Vinegar At Home In 7 Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Do you want the simplest way to make tasty, homemade vinegar from just about any fruit? The “secret” is to carry out two distinct fermentation processes, allowing the first to complete before starting the second.  This is the method I use to make an assortment of vinegar from various fruits, including Banana and Pineapple, with … Read more

How To Make Brown Rice Vinegar in KNF (Step By Step)

Are you looking for an easy way to make Korean Natural Farming’s Brown Rice Vinegar but unsure where to start? Then follow the steps outlined in our simple guide. Brown Rice Vinegar, or BRV, is a nutrient-rich condiment made from fermenting unpolished rice. It has a mild flavor with a pleasant aroma and is well-known … Read more

How To Make Fermented Fruit Juice Organic Fertilizer (FFJ)

Do you want the simplest way to make Fermented Fruit Juice Organic Fertilizer in as little as 5 days? Then our easy-to-follow guide is for you. Fermented Fruit Juice, or FFJ, is a nutrient-rich fermented solution extracted from ripened fruits. It is used primarily as an organic fertilizer in various forms of Natural Farming. However, … Read more