Korean Natural Farming

Get started with Korean Natural Farming! Learn how to make and use natural farming inputs, including sample KNF recipes for healthy crops and livestock.

Wild Mushrooms Growing Between Plants

What Is Korean Natural Farming? Concise Introduction To KNF

Korean Natural Farming is an eco-friendly agricultural system developed by Hankyu Cho of the Janong Farming Institute. It proposes the …

Byproduct Of LAB Processing

How To Make And Use LAB in KNF (Lactic Acid Bacteria 101)

Do you want a step-by-step process to make and use LAB in KNF? This guide is for you. Lactic Acid …

Brown Rice Brown Sugar

How To Make Brown Rice Vinegar in KNF (Step By Step)

Are you looking for an easy way to make Korean Natural Farming’s Brown Rice Vinegar but unsure where to start? …

What Is The Nutritive Cycle Theory? A Brief Introduction

The Nutritive Cycle Theory states that plants and animals require different nutrients at different stages of their development. It encourages farmers to provide the correct type and amount of nutrients …

Natural Farming Inputs

Here you’ll find instructions for making Natural Farming inputs, which also act as ingredients in the KNF Recipes.

Fermented Fruit Juice Day 0

How To Make Fermented Fruit Juice Organic Fertilizer (FFJ)

Bananas are some of the most versatile plants in Syntropic farming. They protect fragile seedlings and provide abundant mulching material …

Covered Fermented Plant Juice

Korean Natural Farming Fermented Plant Juice: FPJ Made Easy

Are you looking for a simple way to make Korean Natural Farming’s Fermented Plant Juice? Then, this guide is for …

Eggshells Reacting To Vinegar

How To Make Water-Soluble Calcium (Step-By-Step User Guide)

Want a simple, step-by-step method to make and use Water-Soluble Calcium? This guide is for you. Calcium is abundant in …

9 Differences Between JADAM And KNF You Should Know

JADAM and KNF are effective alternatives to industrial agriculture techniques. However, they do have their unique characteristics. While they both make use of microorganisms in their natural farming practices, they …

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Fermenting Banana And Pineapple Solutions

How To Make Vinegar At Home In 7 Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Do you want the simplest way to make tasty, homemade vinegar from just about any fruit? The “secret” is to …

Bull Calf

Zero Budget Natural Farming: Simple Beginner’s Guide To ZBNF

Imagine an agricultural system that requires no chemical or costly external inputs yet produces various products from fruits, nuts, vegetables, …