How To Plan A Container Garden (Simple Guide)

aloe vera and lemon grass plants in nursery pots

Learning how to plan a container garden can completely change the way you see and use small spaces around your home.  Would you like a vegetable garden on your balcony, a herb garden in your kitchen, or a fruit forest on your rooftop? With some planning, you can clearly understand what it would take to … Read more

How To Make Compost For Gardening (A Beginner’s Guide)

compost for garden

Did you know that it is possible to create compost for gardening in less than a month? The “trick” is to use the right ingredients in correct proportions. If done properly, compost is an excellent growing media and soil amendment. It also lessens the amount of organic waste that reaches landfills, benefiting everyone involved. That … Read more

How To Plant Eggplants At Home (Simple Guide)

growing eggplant in garden

I first learned how to plant eggplants a few years ago, when I got some leftover seedlings and general instructions from an attendant at a plant nursery. Since then, I’ve planted several types in the garden, with varying results, based on the conditions at different times of the year. Surprisingly, Eggplant is easy to grow … Read more

How To Plant Radish From Seed (Step-By-Step)

radish seedlings in garden

Learning how to plant radish from seed can give you a head start on the growing season and allow you to enjoy this tasty vegetable year-round. However, while radishes are easy to grow, slight temperature, water, and even time changes can result in unusually spicy bulbs or no bulbs at all. In this article, we … Read more

When To Harvest Bananas (Simple Guide)

thousand grain bananas on tree ready to harvest

Knowing when to harvest bananas requires knowledge of specific varieties and how they respond to the climate in which you live. Generally, you can wait until at least one banana finger turns yellow, then cut the entire bunch. This method works great for home use, but can be risky, since some varieties do not ripen … Read more

Are Pepper Plants Perennial Or Annual?

perennial pepper plant

Peppers are perennial plants, with some varieties capable of living over 15 years in their native tropical climates.  However, many people are surprised to learn that pepper plants are perennials. This is partly due to the common practice of uprooting mature plants at the end of the growing season and replanting seeds the following year.  … Read more

The Secret To Growing Thyme From Seeds

fine leaf thyme

Growing thyme from seeds can be challenging, especially considering their size and germination time.  However, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh and dried thyme leaves at home if you learn our simple technique and exercise some patience. In this article, I will outline the exact process we use on our farm to grow thyme … Read more