What Is The Nutritive Cycle Theory? A Brief Introduction

The Nutritive Cycle Theory states that plants and animals require different nutrients at different stages of their development. It encourages farmers to provide the correct type and amount of nutrients for specific plants at the right time to ensure healthy growth and abundant yields. The Nutritive Cycle Theory provides farmers with a more scientific approach … Read more

Korean Natural Farming Fermented Plant Juice: FPJ Made Easy

Are you looking for a simple way to make Korean Natural Farming’s Fermented Plant Juice? Then, this guide is for you.  Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ) is a microbe-rich, botanical extract made by fermenting plant materials. In Korean Natural Farming, FPJ is primarily used as liquid fertilizer and as a probiotic, sanitizer, and component in various … Read more

9 Differences Between Organic Farming And Natural Farming

We came across some subtle differences between organic and natural farming while researching agricultural techniques for our project. Organic farming is an input-based system guided by specific principles and regulations. It uses various amendments to improve soil fertility. In contrast, natural farming advocates using locally-sourced materials to create necessary agricultural inputs. We were surprised to … Read more

Zero Budget Natural Farming: Simple Beginner’s Guide To ZBNF

Imagine an agricultural system that requires no chemical or costly external inputs yet produces various products from fruits, nuts, vegetables, and medicinal herbs. Sounds good? Welcome to Zero Budget Natural Farming. It can be a challenge to get information about Zero Budget Natural Farming if you are just starting out. However, don’t let that discourage … Read more

How To Make JADAM Liquid Fertilizers (Quick And Easy)

Are you looking for a simple way to make JADAM Liquid Fertilizers, at home, in as little as ten days? Then this guide is for you. JADAM Liquid Fertilizers, or JLF for short, are nutrient solutions extracted from organic materials using microorganisms in an anaerobic process called putrefaction. They are easy to make and provide … Read more

How To Make Jadam Microorganism Solution (Step By Step)

Are you searching for a simple way to make and use Jadam Microorganism Solution? This short guide is for you. JMS is the foundation of the Jadam Organic Farming system and is essential in producing healthy soil and plants.  It is simple to make and has many applications. In this article, I’ll guide you through … Read more