How To Make And Use LAB in KNF (Lactic Acid Bacteria 101)

Do you want a step-by-step process to make and use LAB in KNF? This guide is for you. Lactic Acid Bacteria or LAB is an anaerobic microorganism used in Korean Natural Farming to improve the quality of fruits, vegetation as well as soil aeration. It occurs naturally but possibly in lower numbers due to chemicals-based … Read more

How To Make Water-Soluble Calcium (Step-By-Step User Guide)

Want a simple, step-by-step method to make and use Water-Soluble Calcium? This guide is for you. Calcium is abundant in nature and assists with many vital functions, such as cell division and absorption of other nutrients. However, in its most common form, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Calcium does not dissolve in water.  As a result, it … Read more

What Is Korean Natural Farming? Concise Introduction To KNF

Korean Natural Farming is an eco-friendly agricultural system developed by Hankyu Cho of the Janong Farming Institute. It proposes the use of Indigenous Microorganisms and Nutritive Cycles to grow food and raise animals. KNF builds on traditional Japanese and Korean farming techniques and intends to provide a safe alternative to harmful chemical agriculture practices.  If … Read more

What is JADAM Organic Farming? A Detailed Introduction

JADAM Organic Farming is a combination of traditional natural farming principles, practices, and modern scientific innovations. It promotes low-cost alternative techniques to industrial agriculture and remains updated by a group of organic farmers; headed by Mr. Youngsang Cho. The name JADAM is an abbreviation of Jayonul Damun Saramdul. It is the Korean name for the … Read more

How Long Does It Take Eggshells To Decompose?

I was sifting some compost from a heap and noticed that most of the eggshells were still intact. The pile was there for over a year. So, I wondered, how long does it take for eggshells to decompose? I looked it up. Eggshells take between 5 to 10 years to decompose if finely crushed and … Read more

Can Human Waste Be Used As Fertilizer? Useful To Know

Many older farmers swear by the use of human waste as fertilizer. Some even claim that it encourages trees to produce sweeter fruits.  At first, I was a little repulsed by the idea, but I decided to do some research.  You can use processed human waste as a fertilizer after it has undergone the necessary … Read more

9 Differences Between JADAM And KNF You Should Know

JADAM and KNF are effective alternatives to industrial agriculture techniques. However, they do have their unique characteristics. While they both make use of microorganisms in their natural farming practices, they differ considerably in their ideologies and methods of production. Let’s take a look at nine differences between JADAM and KNF, as well as possible reasons … Read more