03: DIY Seed Starting Station

Hi, would you like to grow your own plants from seeds, but don’t know where to begin? Then you’ll love this!

Today, I have a neat little project that will have you growing healthy seedlings from scratch in no time.

It’s easy to set up and small enough to fit in the corner of a room, yet it still produces an abundance of healthy seedlings for your garden.

A DIY Solution

When I started my container garden, I relied mainly on the local nurseries for my seedlings.

However, their supply of seedlings became unreliable, especially in recent months.

As a result, I had to start sowing my seeds for myself once again. 

tomato seedlings harden off

The Set Up

Unfortunately, I had already repurposed my plant nursery structure, so I had to create a makeshift seed-starting station.

To do this, I first bought a sealed seedling tray to act as the base for the seed starting station.

Lettuce Seeds In Tray

This allows me to easily move the trays to a sunny location every day after the seeds have germinated. 

Plus, it also doubles as a means of watering the seedlings from the bottom, making watering a breeze.

However, I could not find 6-cell seed trays at the local garden center, so I had to cut some larger seedling flats into smaller sections. 

overgrown seedlings on hardening off table

These smaller sections allow me to plant smaller quantities. 

They are also much easier to handle, especially since I do most of the work in the kitchen.

The Heart Of The Operation

Yes, you read correctly; I basically use the kitchen sink or countertop to prepare my seedlings.

Think of it… they are indoors, comfortable, have access to water, are easy to clean, and well-lit.

healthy cucumber seedling ready to transplant

I then place the tray in the corner of my room at night, where they can stay nice and safe.

After they germinate, I place the entire tray outside during the day and return it indoors in the evenings.

how to hardening off seedlings for planting

As a result, I can tend to my seedlings at night or even if the weather is terrible outside.

Temporary Solution, Lasting Results

Of course, this is only a temporary fix for now, but it gets the job done.

I’m considering developing a more permanent, upgraded version of the Seed Starting Station as the garden grows. 

close up of green pepper seedlings

Will it be a tray, shelves, have wheels, grow lights, be automated, or be completely enclosed? 

I’m still toying with several ideas, but I’m excited at the chance to experiment with different designs as the garden expands.

However, for now, this DIY seed-starting station is perfect for someone with a small garden or who is just starting out.

Learn How To Start Seeds

Now, I no longer need to purchase seedlings at the plant nurseries.

Instead, I buy a variety of seeds and experiment to see which ones grow well in my area.

Organic Certified Non GMO Seeds

And hey, if you’re curious about starting your seeds in trays, I’ve got just the article for you! 

Check it out for step-by-step instructions and some really cool tips.

Thanks for joining me on this gardening adventure. Until next time, happy planting!