00: Micro Farming System

Would you like to turn your backyard, balcony, or rooftop into a thriving food paradise? Then, I’ve got a treat for you!

In this brief overview, I’ll share how I built a simple system, which you can copy, to grow and abundance of food at home. 

Gardening On A Budget!

Initially, I wanted to create a small container garden for my mom.

However, I soon realized just how expensive materials and equipment were on my island.

how to fertilize container plants vegetables and herbs

So, I decided to use Natural Farming practices to create a more affordable container gardening system. 

And guess what? One thing led to another and here we are today with a highly productive integrated farming system.

How Did I Do This?

Now, I won’t pretend I had it all planned out from the start. 

In fact, as I went through the process, I had several mishaps, which I took note of and adjusted to suit. 

By the time I was finished, the process was as follows:

1. Set Up The Container Garden

First, I made a list of the main things I needed for the Kitchen Garden Project

These included the containers, potting mix, fertilizer, compost, seedlings, and some means of watering the pots. 

container garden plan layout

As you can see, this all began as a typical container garden setup. 

However, due to the cost, I was only able to start with a couple of pots, which I gradually increased over time. 

2. Build A Simple Composting System

While the plants were doing their thing, I created some compost bins using some old chicken wire. 

This proved to be a lifesaver, creating opportunities for a more sustainable system.

Wire Compost Bin

Thanks to this compost, I was able to reuse and even create my own potting mix from then on. 

3. Create A Seed Starting Station

As I became more comfortable growing the plants in the pots, I set up a small seed-starting station

This allowed me to grow all sorts of plant varieties that are not available as seedlings at the local nurseries.

pepper seedlings in tray

4. Enhance The Kitchen Gardening System

The journey didn’t stop there. I dabbled in some upgrades, like building a chicken coop composting system.

Not only did this provide a constant supply of compost, but also meat, eggs, and fertilizer — a true win-win!

KNF Chickens Grass Clippings

Through this and many other projects, the once-small “container garden” gradually grew into a fully functional Micro Farm.

Tutorials And Guides

Over the years, I’ve had fun learning and writing about sustainable farming techniques and practices.

And, as I continue to refine and expand the Micro Farming System, I’m excited to share updates on projects, guides, tutorials, and other cool stuff with you.

how to start a micro farm

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Until next time, happy farming!