Does Rosemary Like Sun Or Shade? A Simple Growing Guide

Rosemary is one of the most treasured herbs, grown in practically every kitchen garden in the tropics. It is easy to manage but requires some attention to keep it happy, healthy, and thriving. Rosemary, Salvia Rosmarinus, is a perennial aromatic herb native to the Mediterranean region and is well-adapted to growing in sunny locations. However, … Read more

What Is Moringa Oleifera? Everything You Should Know

Moringa Oleifera, also known as the Drumstick Tree, is a fast-growing, non-leguminous tree native to India but grown extensively in tropical regions worldwide. It is drought-resistant and valued for its nutritional and medicinal benefits, earning the nickname “Miracle Tree.” A few years ago, Moringa grabbed the attention of mainstream media, with everyone from doctors to … Read more

What Are Seasoning Peppers? Secret To Caribbean Cuisine

I was surprised when my Caribbean seasoning pepper trees produced a mixture of flavors from mild and spicy to blazing hot. I couldn’t explain what had happened, so I did some research. Caribbean Seasoning Peppers, Capsicum Chinense, are mild varieties of Chili peppers originating from South America but grown widely throughout the Caribbean and other … Read more

What Does Purslane Look Like? Introduction To Edible Weeds

During my farm tour, a visitor pointed to a purslane plant and asked me if it was edible. Before I could respond, he was already sampling the leaves.  At the time, I did not know much about edible weeds. Thankfully, it was a Common Purslane, and he was delighted by the taste. However, this encouraged … Read more

What Is Mimosa Pudica? Everything You Need To Know

Most people consider Mimosa Pudica a pesky weed with sharp thorns that prick your feet as you pass. In contrast, others collect it as an entertaining ornamental. However, there is so much more to this plant! Mimosa Pudica is a creeping, leguminous plant native to the Caribbean and the Americas but is now grown internationally. … Read more

What Is Lippia Alba? Irresistible Benefits Of Bushy Lippia

Many elderly individuals consider Lippia Alba as one of the most effective traditional remedies for common ailments.  Known locally as Santa Maria, Lippia Alba is a flowering, perennial shrub native to the Caribbean and the Americas. It is a popular member of the Verbenaceae family, with several scientific studies confirming its medicinal benefits.  This article … Read more

6 Differences Between Jamaican Oregano And Italian Oregano

I always knew that there were differences between Jamaican Oregano and Italian Oregano but assumed they were simply different varieties. However, I got a bit confused when I found out that some people consider them one and the same. So, I did some research. Jamaican Oregano is a perennial, tropical shrub belonging to the Verbenaceae … Read more