Is Pineapple A Fruit Or Edible Flower? Explained With Pictures

Pineapple, Ananas Comosus, is the name of a perennial tropical herb and its edible fruit, which belong to the same family of plants as the popular Bromeliad flowers.  The edible Pineapple is considered a multi-fruit, formed from the fusion of numerous berries sharing one common core. These berries developed from a cluster of flowers originating … Read more

Where Does Basil Grow Best? An Introduction To  Herbal Gardening

Basil is one of the easiest, most beginner-friendly herbs you can grow. However, you should provide the best possible conditions to get the most from it. Basil grows best in moist, well-drained soils, with access to full sunlight and enough nutrients to maintain essential growth functions. However, it tolerates and adapts to unfavorable environments, often … Read more

Are Green Onions And Scallions The Same? (Not What You Expect)

Many people refer to young onion plants as either Green Onions or Scallions. However, contrary to popular belief, they are not identical. Both Green Onions and Scallions belong to the Lily family. However, Green Onions, Allium Cape, are ordinary onions which are harvested before their bulbs develop. While Scallions, Allium Fistulosum, do not form bulbs … Read more

Thymus Vulgaris: Little Known Benefits Of Fine Leaf Thyme

My Fine Leaf Thyme plant became the center of attention when a visitor seemed almost enchanted as she approached it. Her reaction made me a bit curious about the importance of this little plant. Thymus Vulgaris, better known as Fine Leaf Thyme, is a woody, aromatic herb native to the Mediterranean and surrounding regions. It … Read more

How To Grow Tasty Lettuce (Even If It’s Hot Outside)

Do you want to grow lettuce but are afraid it will bolt or taste bitter due to the temperature outside? The “trick” is to get it acclimated from day one. This approach allowed us to grow tasty, crispy lettuce during some of the hottest and driest months ever experienced on our island. During this time, … Read more