How Late Can You Plant Sunflowers? (Simple Guide)

how late can you plant sunflowers

Nothing says summertime like fields of gorgeous Sunflowers in bloom. They have been depicted in everything from movies to coloring books, and treasured by gardeners worldwide.  However, if you have already missed the late-Spring planting window, you might wonder how late can you plant sunflowers? Ideally, Sunflowers prefer warm weather, and for the latest, they … Read more

How To Harvest Sunflower Seeds (2 Simple Methods)

how to harvest sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are versatile culinary staples known for their high protein and healthy fat contents. They are easy to grow, with each plant producing hundreds of seeds suitable for use in various recipes.  With that said, Sunflowers themselves also make a stunning addition to any garden during “sunflower season,” which is typically between July and … Read more

When Should You Harvest Corn? (Picture Guide)

How To Know When To Harvest Corn

Corn is grown as a staple food in most parts of the Americas and is used extensively in various recipes and food products. However, things become a little complicated when it comes to harvesting corn. Mainly since it is harvested based on what you intend to do with it, whether boil, pop, roast, or dry. … Read more

How To Harvest Lettuce (5 Types You Should Know)

How To Harvest Lettuce

Did you know that you can increase your production by learning how to harvest lettuce properly? The secret is in using the correct technique for that particular variety.  Thankfully, while things can differ slightly from lettuce to lettuce, they require more or less the same tools. For example, you will need something to cut with, … Read more

How Many Pumpkins Per Plant? (A Detailed Guide)

how many pumpkins per plant

Have you ever seen a field of thousands of bright yellow pumpkins ready to harvest? After seeing such results, it is only natural to wonder how many pumpkins you can grow per plant? The short answer is that a single pumpkin plant can produce between two and five pumpkins. However, the exact number is determined by … Read more

Is Lemongrass A Perennial Plant Or An Annual?

Lemongrass, Cymbopogon Citratus, is an aromatic clumping grass commonly seen in many gardens worldwide. It is the most popular of two plants referred to as Lemongrass, and is well-known for its culinary uses. It is the native tropical region of Asia, where it typically grows as a perennial plant. However, due to its sensitivity to frost, … Read more

How Often Do Chickens Lay Eggs?

how often do chickens lay eggs

If you’re raising chickens and looking to harvest their eggs, you might wonder how often they lay eggs and how many you can expect.  Knowing this information is very important whether you’re looking to start a micro-farm from which you can make a living or just want enough eggs for the breakfast table. In this … Read more