What Is Syntropic Farming? A Detailed Introduction

Syntropic Farming is a nature-inspired agriculture system developed by Mr. Ernst Götsch. It aims to grow a diversity of vegetation in an area over time, while simultaneously restoring ecosystems.  Management of this system requires strategic planning based on natural succession and synchronized pruning practices. Syntropic derives from the term Syntropy, which proposes a relationship between … Read more

9 Proven Tips To Prepare Land For Terrace Farming

Want to farm on a slope, but not sure how to prepare your land for terraces? Let’s fix that. In 2018, I started my micro-farm in my backyard. Despite knowing little about constructing terraces, I managed to create 4 in about a month. Over the past few years, my backyard has completely transformed into a … Read more

How To Start A Micro Farm In 12 Steps (Practical Guide)

Do you want to start a productive micro farm that will provide for you and your family for years to come? This guide is for you. Setting up a micro farm seems easy enough, right? Look at a few videos on YouTube, plant an epic market garden, get a chicken tractor, and voila! You have … Read more